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Communication: Research Methods

Sage Research Methods Online


 Research Methods Knowledge Base

 A comprehensive web-based textbook that discusses all aspects of the research process.

Resources for Qualitative Research

Online videos and podcasts

Donna Mertens, Gallaudet University, and Editor of the Mixed Methods Journal

- from Sage Publications

It is important to know your own values, beliefs and skills before starting the research process.

 Kathleen Collins, University of Arkansas

- from Sage Publications

A literature review is a the first step in the research process, followed by developing a conceptual framework.

 Grounded Theory Method

An introduction to the grounded theory method by Prof. Tony Bryant.  

I've got some interview data! What next? Gounded theory, coding & analysis.

by Ian Robertson

Major Research Paradigms

by Ian Robertson

Good introduction to social science research (lecture and slides).