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A guide to copyright for Royal Roads University faculty, students, and staff.


When choosing readings and resources to complement your course, please first review the Fair Dealing Policy.  Once you have selected your course resources and inserted them into the ‘readings’ page on the Moodle platform for your course, please let your program office and the Copyright Office know.

The Copyright Office staff will then:

  • Confirm that the works selected are covered by fair dealing,
  • Contact you when a work cannot be used without further permission from a copyright holder.  In this case, fees will be incurred, so we want to give you and your program the opportunity to choose resources that fit within your budget, or to use another resource that does fall within the fair dealing guidelines.
  • Make clean copies of readings and posting the PDFs on your Moodle course page as required; or
  • In the situation that a print coursepack is required, make clean copies of readings, compile a ‘master set,’ and provide this to the program office to send to the printer; and
  • Confirm, correct, or add links to readings found within the RRU Library’s electronic resources.

Please place all of your readings and resources only in the appropriate ‘Readings’ section in Moodle as provided by the instructional design staff, rather than post PDFs or reading links within the course or in separate folders.  Also, please be sure to choose and upload your reading list(s) six weeks prior to the date that the course will become available to students.

Please provide the Copyright Office with:

  • the course URL once an instructor has indicated that they have updated the course readings in Moodle, 
  • the enrolment for the course, and
  • the cost centre code for the program.  Most often this is just for our tracking and reporting purposes.  If there are to be costs incurred for use of course materials, we will let you know.

The Copyright Office staff will work through each course and may or may not need to contact the instructor and/or the program office staff during this process.  Once copyright work for a given course is completed, we will sign off in Moodle and email you to confirm that our work is done. 

Note:  If we have not signed off and you have not heard from us, it means that the copyright process is still underway.

Remember that using links to online readings where possible (instead of reproducing readings) cuts both permission costs and the need to clear copyright.

Linking to readings, whether from the Library's databases or to an internet resource, does not cost anything. Consequently, it is recommended that you take full advantage of the substantial electronic book and journal collections available through the Library.

You can search or browse the Library collections, or contact a reference librarian for individualized service.

Should we need to seek permission from a copyright holder in order to reproduce material (in print or online format) for a course, costs will be incurred.  Permission fees vary widely, so in many cases we cannot confirm what the cost will be before submitting the request.  Some publishers, such as Ivey Publishing and Harvard Business School Publishing, are more consistent and for those, we can provide a cost up-front. 


The Copyright Office requires a minimum of 6 weeks prior to the course start date to complete the copyright review.  Please be sure that your complete reading list(s) is added to your Moodle course site no later than the 6-week mark, and notify your program office (or the copyright office) that you have done so.

  • Service level 1 courses:  the copyright review begins automatically at the 6-week mark.  
  • Service level 2 and 3 courses:  the courses are put into a queue in order that notification is received by the Copyright Office (from either the program office or CTET) that the readings are in place. 

For all courses, the copyright office staff will be in contact with you regarding any questions about the readings, and will sign off only once the copyright review is complete.

Please note that, should permissions be required in order to reproduce readings, the process can take up to 8 weeks.  This is due to slow publisher response times.  Therefore, last-minute course readings submissions cannot be guaranteed completion by the required date.