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A guide to copyright for Royal Roads University faculty, students, and staff.

Use of Case Studies in Exams

It is the Instructor’s responsibility to provide any applicable cases at the same time as the exam is due. The version of the case provided must be the copy that has permission to be reproduced.  Cases that require copyright approval cannot be used in midterms (Copyright Office and publisher deadlines do not allow adequate time to secure permissions).

Program Associates are responsible for obtaining copyright clearance within the timelines below. Therefore, Instructors must submit both the regular and alternate cases to Program Associates prior to these deadlines in order to ensure Copyright Office case submission deadlines can be met.

Exam Delivery Cases due to Copyright Office
On Campus Program Associates request copyright clearance 6 weeks prior to the exam date.
Distance Program Associates request copyright clearance 8 weeks prior to the exam date.

Before exam cases are submitted to the Exam Coordinators, the Copyright Office must review each exam case either to arrange permission for the cases or to determine whether or not the cases can be reproduced under one of the ‘exceptions’ outlined in the Copyright Act.  Once this is complete, the Copyright Office will append a ‘copyright permission statement’ on each case and return copies of the cases to the instructor.  Examples of permission statements are shown below.

The Exam Coordinators cannot print and distribute cases for exams until the copyright permissions are complete and appropriate permission statements have been affixed onto each case.  This includes cases photocopied from a text book or taken from a database.

Electronic versus Hardcopy Copyright Permissions

When submitting cases to Program Associates, Instructors must advise whether they wish to have both electronic copyright permissions and hardcopy permissions. Hardcopy permissions are required as Exam Coordinators ALWAYS provide students with a copy of the case in their exam package. This ensures if a student forgets to bring a copy they can be provided with a copy and therefore be able to complete the exam.  This also ensures clean copies of cases can be provided should notes not be allowed in exams.

Instructors may wish to post cases on Moodle in advance of the exam, especially if cases are long and require reading in advance. This would constitute the need for electronic permissions. If a student was granted permission to write on an alternate exam date they would be entitled to viewing the alternate case in advance if this option had been provided to the rest of the class. They should receive the same amount of time to view the case in advance as the rest of the class. Therefore, Instructors would be responsible for setting up case viewing options for students in Moodle and releasing the cases for viewing to students on appropriate dates.

Copies of cases CANNOT be emailed to students as it violates copyright agreements with publishers.

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