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Indigenous_Studies: Journal articles, books & ebooks

A note about terminology...

Which term to use? First Nations, Aboriginal or Indigenous?

This guide from UBC's Indigenous Studies  program can help.

Using Discovery to find journal articles, books & ebooks

Discovery is our Google-like research tool.  It is the main search box on our webpage.

Try a search strategy like this one to find journal articles and other resources:

("first nations" OR aboriginal OR indigenous) "research methods"

Capitalize the OR search operator and use double quotes for phrases.

Along the left side of the results page are a number of options that will help you refine your search.  They include:

  • peer reviewed scholarly articles
  • content type (books, ebooks, newspaper articles, etc.)
  • date.

Your results are sorted by relevance as a default, but you can change this to date.

Not sure if an article is popular or academic (peer reviewed)? Check here