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Canadian Studies: Find Articles

Selected resources in the RRU library for the study of Canada

Selected Scholarly Journals:


This guide on the study of Canada,  will provide you with tips for doing research on this subject  as well as recommended lists of resources.  Click on the tabs at the top to navigate among the formats to obtain assistance in locating books, journal articles, videos, websites and more.

Note the section on Primary Sources which is of special interest when studying history

Finding articles

Articles can be found in a variety of locations and formats -- in print, on the open Internet through publisher, association or organization websites, or databases available from the library website.

For articles on the history of Canada try the databases listed below. For academic articles limit your searches to scholarly or peer-reviewed articles.

Many historical  newspapers are available freely on the Internet. Google "historic newspapers online" or a variation on that phrase, possibly including the name of the city or province in which the newspaper was published. The Library subscribes to 2 databases which contain articles from centuries past: JSTOR and Periodicals Archive Online

Google Books includes old magazines. Do an Advanced Search to limit the search to Magazines.

If you are trying to determine if the Library subscribes to  a particular journal, use the Journals by Title search tab, instead.

If you are unable to locate the article you need, request a copy by following the directions on this site: Can I get a book or an article that RRU doesn't have in its collection

Best sources for finding articles and studies on Canada


Journals by Title

To find out if we have a specific journal, search this part of our Discovery search tool


Selected Popular Journals:

Google Scholar

If you find an article using Google Scholar, but you are unable to  access the full-text, use the Journals by Title tab on the Library homepage to see if we have the journal in one of our many article databases.

Google Scholar Search