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Market research: Researching industries

We have an industry research guide

Please see our industry research guide for additional resource suggestions.

Looking for industry profiles?

The Canadian Industry statistics site from 'Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada', provides you with intelligence on Canada's industry sectors.  Enter your NAICS code or browse to the industry category you want.   You will be given a snapshot of the industry, information about

  • number of Canadian businesses in that industry, broken down by province if you prefer
  • the financial performance of these companies, divided into quartiles according to their profitability
  • average expenditures on salary

Industry profiles - IBIS World


In this database, reports are listed numerically by NAICS code, so you will need to know the NAICS code of you industry in advance.  If you do not know the NAICS code and need to find it, use the NAICS code lookup tool listed in Step 1: Finding industry codes.

When you first enter this database, you are presented with three options: U.S., Canada, or China reports.  Choose the region that best suits your needs.

Looking for industry profiles?

Passport GMID:

There are a variety of ways to get industry information from this database.

Take a look at our Passport GMID help guide.

(Bonus! All reports and data can be exported to PDF, MS Word, or Excel, which is great for those of you wanting to use the data for reports and presentations.)


Statista - Market and industry statistics

Statista is an online statistics, market research and business intelligence portal. Statista also provides data on market forecasts, white papers, dossiers, industry reports, digital market outlooks and consumer market outlooks.

Statista search page

Enter your search and use the filters on the left of your results to make your search more specific.

filters in Statista

To filter to a specific country, using the country filter on the lower left of your results is the most reliable approach.