Ebooks: Ebrary ebooks

Downloading an entire Ebrary ebook

To download an entire ebook click on the Available for Full Download link from within the ebook. 

Note: Not every Ebrary ebook is available for download.

ebrary full download


Log in with your Ebrary username and password.

Note: This username and password is not connected to your RRU account, so if you do not have an Ebrary username and password, click on the link provided to create one. 

Once you're logged into ebrary, there are three more steps:

STEP 1: Choose the device you want to download the ebook to. 

choose device to download ebook onto

STEP 2:  Download the Adobe Digital Editions or Blufire Reader software.  You will be prompted to do so in Step 2.  If you already have this software installed, then continue to Step 3.

To view a downloaded Ebrary ebook you will need Adobe Digital Editions

get adobe digital editions software

STEP 3: Download your book

download ebook from ebrary

NOTE: Ebrary ebooks are typically downloaded for 14 days due to DRM (digital rights management) software.

Additional information about downloading Ebrary ebooks is available on the Ebrary site (select document downloading).


Using Ebrary ebooks

The easiest method for reading an Ebrary ebook is by clicking on the Available for Online Reading link from within an ebook.

The Ebrary reading panel allows users to search for keywords, highlight and make notes, and use the personal bookshelf.

An Ebrary account is required to use this option.

Creating an Ebrary account

To create an Ebrary account click on the Sign In link in the top right corner of any Ebrary ebook or the main Ebrary page.

Next select the Create Account link.

This username and password is not connected to your RRU username and password.

Downloading a chapter

Select the Available for Online Reading link to open the ebook.

Click on the chapter you wish to download from within the contents list (left side of the reading panel) and then the chapter download icon (top of the reading icon).


Select the current chapter option. The chapter will be downloaded as a pdf.

Entire Ebrary ebooks are not available for downloading in a pdf format, due to copyright/licensing restrictions.

Downloading an ebrary ebook to more than one device

The first time you open an ebrary book (which has an .acsm extension) with ADE, you will be asked to "Authorize Your Computer". The ebook vendor showing by default is "Adobe ID"; do not modify this default.

Note that you only need to enter an Adobe ID and password if you want to transfer the book to another device. If you want to authorize your computer without an Adobe ID, check the box at the bottom left corner of the screen: "I want to Authorize my computer without an ID".