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Ebooks: Downloading an Ebscohost ebook

Downloading an Ebscohost ebook

To download an Ebscohost ebook you need a free Ebscohost account and software that can read Adobe Digital Editions files.

To create an EBSCO ebook account:

Click on the Sign in link on the top right corner of the ebook page to create an account

After creating an account select the Download This eBook link/icon.

A message similar to this one will appear:

Note: the checkout period for an ebook is 7 days.

Software needed to read EBSCO ebooks

Adobe Digital Editions or other viewing software is required to view an Ebschost ebook. If you have a tablet computer, 'Bluefire' reader is the recommended app.

If the book does not open automatically

If you have the Adobe Digital Editions software installed and the ebook does not open automatically try this process:

  1. Save the file to your desktop
  2. Right click on the desktop icon
  3. Choose to open it in Adobe Digital Editions.

Here is a screen shot to demonstrate these three steps:

More information on downloading Ebscohost ebooks is available here.

Download an Ebscohost ebook to Mac laptop or desktop

Download onto iPad/iPhone

Ebooks from Ebscohost can be downloaded and read on an iPad using the Bluefire reader app available for free from iTunes.

Note: Your device must be running iOS 3.2 or higher.

1. Create an Adobe Digital Editions Online ID. Remember the ID and Password you create.

2. Download the Bluefire Reader app to your iPad/iPhone.

3. Open the Bluefire Reader app on your iPad/iPhone and authorize it by entering the Adobe Online ID you created in step 1 (you should be prompted to authorize automatically once you open the Bluefire app).

4. From your iPad/iPhone, use the Safari browser to connect to the RRU Library. Under the tab Article Databases click on Ebscohost ebooks (if you are prompted for a RRU username and password, use the same combination you use when you logon to your RRU Moodle account). Search the Ebscohost ebooks collection to locate an ebook of interest to you.

5. Create an Ebscohost ebook  account by clicking on Sign In (upper right corner) on the Ebscohost website. On the Sign In page, click on Create New Account. This is your personal Ebscohost account that you will use to download/check out e-books.

6. When you find an ebook you would like to download, click on the Download Offline link. You may be prompted to sign into your Ebscohost account.

7. You will be asked to select a checkout period (number of days you will need the book). You will then click on Checkout and Download.

8. A new screen will pop up with the Bluefire Reader logo. Click on the Open in "Bluefire" button.  This will automatically begin downloading the ebook into the Bluefire Reader app. This may take a few minutes.

Renewing a downloaded ebook from Ebscohost

You will not be notified when the checkout  and download of an ebook file expires.  The
downloaded eBook file will still be found in  Adobe Digital Editions but cannot be opened. You’ll note that in the top right hand corner of the electronic book jacket it reads expired.
You must manually delete/remove  the file from  Adobe Digital Editions to remove it from your computer. Once you have performed the delete, you can go back into the RRU Library system and repeat the process to download and borrow  the book again.