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Copyright Information for Thesis and Dissertation Publication: When you are ready to publish your thesis or dissertation

This guide provides information to help students comply with Canadian copyright law when publishing their thesis or dissertation

When You Are Finished Your Thesis or Dissertation

Once you have defended your thesis or dissertation and made any necessary revisions, you will be ready to submit for publication.  

Note that you are responsible for obtaining any necessary copyright permissions before you submit for publication, for use of any third-party material used in your thesis or dissertation, such as maps, figures, diagrams, and photographs. Before you submit your thesis or dissertation for publication you should obtain any necessary copyright permissions, as you will be asked to upload them as part of your submission.

How do I submit my thesis or dissertation?

Once you have finished your thesis or dissertation course, the staff who process theses and dissertations will send you an email invitation to publish.  This email will provide you with the information and links you will need to upload your work. 

Preparing for Publication

To facilitate the publication process please prepare your thesis or dissertation by:

  • Ensuring your manuscript is signature-free
  • Removing any phone numbers, email addresses, mailing addresses, or other contact information that appears in your manuscript
  • Adjusting your margins so that they are at least 1 inch.  This includes your header.  Your header should be at least one inch from the top of the page
  • ProQuest offers a PDF conversion tool as part of the submission process. In order to ensure that your PDF is formatted to ProQuest’s specifications, please use this PDF conversion tool. You will be prompted to convert your thesis or dissertation to PDF as part of the submission process.

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